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SPW TPW6B SCR Voltage Stabilizer
SPW TPW6B SCR Voltage Stabilizer
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NPT series NeoPower SCR Voltage Stabilizer

Printing Specific /Medical Specific /Control Numerical Machine/Elevator Specific /Testing Specific/UPS Bypass Specific /Computer Room Specific /CNC Machine Specific /Broadcast & Communication Specific /Computer Room Specific /Assembly Line Specific /Textile Specific

1. NeoPower SCR Voltage Stabilizer Technical Specification

Input phase voltage

176~264V(220V±20%)  154~286V(220V±30%)   132~308V(220V±40%)

Output phase voltage



6Btype single-phase 10~300KVA three-phase 10~2000KVA


6B type ±2~3%

Response time

Input voltage fluctuates during -50%~+50%, response time:  6B type≤40ms


6B type≥99%



Temperature rise



6B type≤45db

Insulation resistance

The stabilizer-to-ground insulation resistance≥2MΩ

Insulation intensity

No arc-over and no puncture with 2000V/1min sine AC voltage

Harmonic wave

No distortion of output voltage and no harmonic wave increment

2. SCR Voltage Stabilizer General
SPW6B/TPW6B type electronic (SCR) single-phase, three-phase automatic compensated power stabilizer (Electronic (SCR) Stabilizer for short as follows) is our patent product that we absorbed foreign advanced technology and combine our special condition in China to produce. It adopts large-scale integrated circuit to control the zero voltage switching of several thyristors (high-power relay) and change the voltage and its polarity. Compensator transformer and joystick transformer adopt dry self-cooling and insulation B in order to realize the target of continuous operation without maintenance.

SCR Ppower Conditioner reserves all advantages of single-phase (three-phase) compensated type, parameter type and magnetism compensated type, avoids the servomotor compensated type’s flows of slow dynamic response, wearing carbon brush out easily, sparkling and so on, overcomes the flaws of the bad applicability of parameter stabilizer and the low efficiency and large harmonic wave of magnetism stabilizer. Electronic Stabilizer adopts power electronic technology to update, replace and alter the traditional single-phase (or three-phase) compensated stabilizer. Compared with the same kind of product, the stabilizer we designed has advanced technology and complete function, and its capacity and compensated range can reach 2000KVA and ±50% with our company’s patent technology. No servomotor, no carbon brush and no noise realize the electronic voltage regulation and the fast response. Our stabilizer has high-efficiency, no contamination to the grid and strong applicability, and can operate continuously, stably and reliably under the conditions of every kind of bad grid and complicated load. At present it is the electronic AC power stabilizer of the most development, the highest capacity and maintenance-free for long term in our nation.

3. SCR Voltage Stabilizer Design Features
No contact, no carbon brush
The voltage-regulating system
The remote monitor (optional)
The lightning and surge protector (optional)
The power factor compensation system (optional)
The main circuit filtering system (optional)

4. SCR Voltage Stabilizer Main Function
Power-on style
Output delay
Over-voltage and under-voltage
Malfunction protection
Short-circuit protection
Phase-lack protection
Manual and automatic bypass
Lightning and surge protection
Alarm and silence function
Phase-sequence protection (optional)
Main circuit filtering protection (optional)

5. SCR Voltage Stabilizer’s Advantages
(1) The extremely fast regulation, it just needs 40 milliseconds to output stable voltage (the servomotor carbon brush type needs 7 second to complete the regulation).
(2) The regulation without carbon brush touch and servomotor operation (80% faults of the carbon brush stabilizer are resulted in by the servomotor drive and carbon brush)
(3) The three phase separate regulation and the adaptation to the three phase unbalance load (Other stabilizers adopt the collaborative regulation. they have to raise the fee to adopt separate regulation).
(4)  According to the grid condition, the highest compensation can reach ±50% (the highest compensation of other stabilizers just reach ±30%).
(5) The effect of energy-saving is obvious and the efficiency can reach 99% (the efficiency of other stabilizers is below 95%).
(6) When our product works under the low voltage, it can guarantee the load capacity 100% (the load adaptation of parameter stabilizer is bad, it can’t adapt to nonlinear device).
(7) Our product can adapts to the any work environment of bad and high safety request (Oil-immersed stabilizer leaks oil easily, so it can’t adapt to the occasion above)
(8) Our product can depress the surge and absorb harmonic waves with the lightning and filtering function (Magnetic-compensation stabilizer results in the harmonic waves when it works).

6. SCR Voltage Stabilizer Type Selection
(1) According to the electricity net, choose the input range of stabilizer.
(2) According to the load admitted input voltage, choose the precision of Voltage Stabilizer.
(3) According to the load capacity, load power factor and load performance, choose the capacity of Voltage Stabilizer.
(4) The common AC equipment, the power factor is supposed to be computed by 0.7, the inductive load (elevator, electric welding machine and so on) needs pondering over the starting current.
(5) The non-linear equipment (frequency conversion equipment, UPS and so on), the electric current is supposed to be computed by 2~2.5 times than common.
(6) According to the local thunderstorm day index, the stabilizer could be installed with the lightning and surge protector and the wave filter in the cabinet;
(7) If users’ requests exceed the range of the instruction above, it will be treated as a special order to design and produce. Customization is accepted!

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