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MinebeaMitsumi Electric adopted NeoPower Voltage Stabilizers for its production lines.
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Congratulations to NeoPower brand Voltage Stabilizer applied into MinebeaMitsumi Electric successfully on April, 2017.

This is a good progress on the development for NeoPower, as we all know, MinebeaMitsumi "committed to supply optimal electronic components that meet the needs of the market and to the development of unique "anticipatory" electronic components that open new vistas in electronics, Mitsumi draws upon a wealth of experience, technology, and ideas that it possesses as a general electronics component manufacturer to make broad contributions to further advances in electronics both now and in the future. As we approach the 21st century, we are building a corporate structure that is capable of flexibly responding to change. We are actively pursuing the improvement of existing products, the strengthening of newly developed products, and the expansion of our manufacturing and sales networks."---Message from Chairman of Board Shigeru Moribe.

That means MinebeaMitsumi Electric is always focus on producing premium quality components for the customers all around the world. It's important to have a trust-worth voltage stabilizer supplier to keep all of the manufacturing equipment operates smoothly. It's a great honor for NeoPower to be the alternative of voltage stabilizer supplier for them.

If your factory need us to provide power solutions, just feel free to send inquiry/email to or learn more about the details.

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