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AC Automatic Voltage Regulator
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Most of us heard about the word of “AC voltage regulator” in our daily lives. We know that it is equipment attached to the television, to our computer or to the deep freezer. Here we shall go deep into the working, specifications, and utilities of an automatic voltage regulator.

 SCR Voltage Regulator Servo-motor

Automatic AC voltage regulator or AVR is a wonderful invention of science, which is an electric device designed to regulate a constant voltage in a settable level. The main working of an AVR depends upon the laws of electromechanical physics. It is consist of many active and passive electrical components like adopters, capacitors, diodes and thermostats.

There are many functions of an automatic voltage regulator. AVR or automatic voltage stabilizer can be used with lot of electric appliances for various reasons. The basic functions of the automatic voltage regulators are:

First and foremost, it is used as a rectifier and as a potential divider. Rectifier is also an electric device used to convert the alternate current (A.C) to direct current (D.C) for further electric processing. Most of the electric appliances require a direct current for their working and can’t work on alternate current. Regarding potential dividers, they are electric devices used for the break out of input voltage to bring it to a desired output voltage as per the requirements. Thus while using an automatic voltage regulator we can make use of a rectifier and a potential divider at the same time. Means you can save money because you will have to buy a single AVR or automatic voltage regulator instead of purchasing a potential divider and a rectifier for your electric appliances.

There are many appliances in our homes which need stable electric power for their running and there might be some damage to the whole electric appliance if there comes any variation in the input current and voltage. Sometimes this may be fatal also but electricity is a very merciless killer. To avoid any mishap to the electric appliances and to us also, which may arise due to any variation in the voltage or current supply, a voltage stabilizer is essential to be used a complement to other electric devices.

AC Automatic voltage regulator AVR can also be used in amplifiers. Amplifiers are other electric devices that compare the sensing voltages to the reference voltages and help to amplify the effect. You might have seen amplifiers attached to your home sound systems which boost up the sound effects. The actual sound quantity will be lower but if the same input is given to an amplifier, the resultant sound quality and quantity just increases to multiples of the input waves. The basic running procedure in them is the difference of provided voltages. AC Automatic voltage regulators help in maintaining a desired voltage for the generators within specified limits. Thus automatic voltage regulator is also the important part for our amplifier to work.

The previous analog/servo-types of automatic voltage regulators are now replaced by digital AVR. These types of automatic voltage regulators are higher in functionality and performance. They are equipped with self functioning controls and start up functions which make them very useful and easy to handle. Digital converters increase their precision levels. Simplified operating switches make them very precise than human handlings. If any fault occurs in the functioning of the automatic voltage regulators, self diagnostics technique detects the fault in no time. This leads to more security of the function. The maintenance tool helps in maintaining an online monitor. Reduced number of parts and wiring in these typically modern automatic voltage regulators make them more reliable. Automatic changes are easily dealt with the help of full duplex control systems.

The NeoPower voltage regulators have different sizes. There are automatic voltage regulators which are so small that they can be easily placed on a small printed circuit board. They are portable and easy to handle. Some automatic voltage regulators are very gigantic in size. They may cover a volume of a small house sometimes. Thus there is a tremendous variety in the automatic voltage regulators and each has its own specifications. The variation of AVRs can be judged by the names of automatic voltage regulators. Each name indicates its specific functioning and differences from others and there are more than fifty names to an automatic voltage regulator. Regarding the prices of automatic voltage regulators, it goes the natural way. If you will buy a smarter one, it will cost you more and you will buy an older model with normal functioning, it will cost you less. But keep in mind that whether an ACautomatic voltage regulator costs less or high, it becomes irrelevant when it comes to the importance of an AVR in our daily lives.

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